Practical Engineers Degree

Intoday's world, where technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace and is influencing all areas of life, there is strong demand for professionals in various technological fields. A degree in practicalengineering offers entry to an up-to-date and popular profession in arelatively short time.

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Why Choose ORT Colleges?

Israel IDF soldiers, within 5 years of completing their military service, receive an 90% discount on their first year tuition fees. They can also fund their studies with their discharge deposit.

Practical Engineer graduates can complete an academic B.A degree in logistics at a known university in Israel.

ORT Colleges are located in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Nathanya, Kfar-Saba, Rehovot, Qiryat Bialik, and Karmiel. Wherever you choose to live and study in Israel you will not be far from one of our branches.

ever you choose to live and study in Israel you will not be far from one of our branches.

The following degrees are available:

Practical industrial and management engineering
The task of the practical industrial and management engineer is to plan and operate industrial and service systems, in a variety of fields, such as production system planning and management, quality assurance, logistics, and planning and improvement of work methods
ORT colleges offer practical industrial and management engineering studies in the following fields
* Production specialization * Marketing management specialization * Quality management

Practical electronic engineering
Practical electronic engineers are in demand in the electronics and high-tech industries and are able to find employment in various areas of specialization, such as: project management and setup, planning and development, marketing and sales, and implementation of research laboratory experiments
ORT colleges offer practical electronics engineering studies in the following fields
*Computer specialization * Data communications specialization * Communications specializatio

Practical electrical engineering
The aim of this track is to train high level practical engineers, who will be able to work in planning, installation and maintenance of energy and electricity supply systems, and command and control systems.
Practical electrical engineers will be able to find work at electronics facilities in the fields of development, engineering, production, quality control, maintenance, service, marketing, etc.

Practical mechanical engineering
Practical mechanical engineering serves numerous high technology fields in industry, such as: electronics, computers, chemistry, transport, food and plastics.
ORT colleges offer mechanical engineering studies in the following fields:
* Computerized planning and production specialization * Mechatronics specialization * Power and heat specialization

Practical refrigeration and air conditioning engineering
Air conditioning plays an important role in assuring that the production and computerized systems operate correctly, and it helps to enhance efficiency at work, and improve operational conditions in shopping malls, entertainment facilities and in homes. Refrigerated storage and transportation ensure the quality of products in commerce, industry (for example, in high-tech clean rooms), in healthcare and hospitals, etc. The refrigeration and air conditioning track trains practical engineers to be active and responsible personnel engaged in the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning facilities of all types.

Practical software engineering
The field of computers is a technological scientific field, which has brought mankind to great achievements in all areas. The graduates of this track are in demand in the job market and in high-tech industries, in a variety of fields.
They are qualified to work in large computer units and in systems with small computer units, writing software systems, installing and operating software systems, analyzing systems, operating system management, computer communications, determining work processes and procedures, customizing software for user needs, and planning and implementation in the field of computer communications.

Landscape architecture
Landscape architecture deals with "green" areas, such as: parks, public and private gardens, promenades, and also "dry" areas, such as squares, amphitheaters and parking lots. Graduates of this course work together with town planners and building architects

Architecture and interior design
These studies are designed to train independent professionals in the architectural planning of buildings, with its emphasis on function and form.
The professionals in this field are involved in the planning processes, and in the design and supervision of public, industrial and private construction.
The graduates find work in these fields at public institutions, government and urban institutions, in town planning committees, in planning offices and as independent professionals.

Practical civil (construction) engineering
This track aims to train practical construction engineers to work in a range of professions related to the planning and construction of buildings, including preparing construction plans for buildings up to a height of 4 floors, and construction plans for structural changes and additions. Graduates can find work in all fields of planning, management, supervision and construction of buildings.They are qualified to establish a contracting company and to work as work managers or safety officers on building sites.

This course has two areas of specialization:
1. A "building construction" course – graduates of this course work in construction site management and supervision of construction work.
2. A "building planning" course – graduates of this course are qualified to sign public and private building plans of up to 4 floors in height.

Industrial design
In addition to knowledge in a wide range of subjects, the studies provide the students with a special approach to the profession, in which they design unique products that have never been produced before or that require modifications to meet the demands of the schedule and the customer. The industrial design engineer will find work in a variety of industrial companies as a product designer, paying attention to the needs of the target group, and also to the technological, economic and marketing aspects.Graduates can find work in a wide range of fields, including designing packaging, exhibitions, consumer products, and on up to planning products and unique work stations.

Visual communications design
Visual communications integrates the fields of study and work in a variety of professionsart, graphics, video (photography, directing, sound and editing) and multimedia. These fields are required in electronic trading, data transfer, entertainment and leisure, marketing and advertising, all of which are integrated in the various means of communication and on the Internet.

The field of biotechnology is an innovative, complex and high-tech field. It relates to a wide range of fields, such as: healthcare and disease research, research laboratories, food industries and development of new products. Graduates can work in biotechnology plants, in agriculture, food industries and in research laboratories and the pharmaceutical market, etc.

Healthcare chemistry
Healthcare chemistry is a field of chemistry that deals with development, production and provision of drugs, and with the development and improvement of analytical methods – from chemical control of drugs in the body to checking their shelf life. The theoretical studies are combined with practical studies in laboratories. Graduates can work in research institutes, pharmacies, commercial companies, etc.